Thank you so much for been part of God’s great commission in my ministry and in my life that I’m able to go where I go for his kingdom and to do what I do.
In His Service International Ministries
Silvia Almond – MISSIONARY
PO Box 49023 Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240
My name is Silvia Almond. I was born and raised in Ecuador until the age of 22, then I moved to the United States.

My journey as a Christian started 25 years ago in Ecuador. I was born and raised Catholic. I went to Catholic school where I learned to know a God who seemed to be so far away, but I desired to know Him closer and so real in my life, but didn’t know how. Since my childhood, I knew that I wanted to serve the unfortunate. I wanted to help people with my whole heart. I thought if I became a nun I would get closer to Him and would be able to serve.

One day, the Lord moved my whole family out of our hometown to another town where my parents sought God more. Then, one day they made a decision to call HCJB The Voice of the Andes, a Christian Radio Station where until this day, they present the salvation plan, pray for people and match people with a local or foreign missionary to visit them at their home.

So a missionary couple came to visit us at home and we became friends. Little by little, they shared the gospel with my whole family and one day in August 1988, my whole family, one-by-one, received the Lord as our Personal Savior. At that time, including my mom and dad and siblings, there were eight in our family. That day, six of the eight made that decision.

Right away, I knew that I was called to be a missionary. I started going with Charlotte, the missionary’s wife, to visit people at their home to evangelize and share the gospel, and as they saw my passion and love for God and people, they gave my brother and me an opportunity to go on our first mission trip to the Jungles of Ecuador where my journey as a missionary started. What a blessing that was!
Then I moved to the United States with a complete new journey in many ways to start a new life. For a few years, I could not serve God the way I was called to serve Him, but seven years after that, the Lord opened doors with Compassion International. I worked with them and was able to go back to Ecuador and serve the indigenous people in the mountains. I loved it! I was able to become alive again and I found out again that my life has purpose.

It opened my heart for the passion and the desire to go back and serve God in my call as a missionary.
Since then, I have not stopped serving Him. This year in August 2015, I will be entering my 18th year of ministry. It has grown little by little as the years go by and as God has placed the right people in my life in order for me to fulfill my calling.

God has placed in my heart a vision to work with women experiencing different issues such as sexual trafficking, domestic violence, rape and abandonment. I have ministered in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Central and South American. I have taken numerous mission trips with experience including children’s ministry, youth camps, medical clinics, orphanages, evangelizing, feeding programs and humanitarian efforts, clothes distribution, women’s discipleship training and follow-up and even have done a little construction building churches.

Because of this call, God has opened a door for me to move to Nicaragua for two years to serve the broken and vulnerable women, children and families and to serve Him and with His help, to set the captives free.